Article by Bear Graham

Many of us fantasize of being popular like the stars! We all want their gorgeous good looks, overflowing wealth, and undeniable fame, but unfortunately many us are only left to dream. Would it surprise you that some celebrities back in high school didn’t have it either. They were actually one of the ugly kids. Just a reminder that if you aren’t popular now, who’s to say you won’t be later. Here are some of the most famous celebrities stars who were quite so good looking back in their high school days.

1) George Clooney: Actor

George Clooney Was Ugly In High School - Hot Celebrities Who Were Ugly In High School
George Clooney is known for his dashing good looks. To his adoring public it’s like he never gets old. And when he does, he just gets better looking. Even George Clooney, Hollywood’s Golden Boy, wasn’t drop dead gorgeous in high school. Clooney was actually one of the ugly ducklings back in the high school scene.

2) Taylor Swift: Singer

Taylor Swift A Pictures of Her In High School and Now
Taylor Swift is one of the most beautiful singers of in the world, but that wasn’t always the case. Nobody was expecting Swift to turn out to be such a blonde bombshell. You may not look like a super model now, but neither was Taylor in the beginning.

3) Ashlee Simpson: Singer

Ashlee Simpson What She Looks Like Now And When She Was A Kid
Ashlee Simpson is known as the sister of singing sensation Jessica Simpson. Even as kids, she was in the shadow of her sister. When Jessica looked pretty as a little girl, Ashlee didn’t have the same luck, but she has certainly made up for later in life. You may be an ugly duckling early, but a beautiful swan later.

4) Ryan Seacrest: Television Host

Ryan Seacrest Is A Hot Celebrity Who Was Ugly As A Kid
Ryan Seacrest is one of the celebrities who has experienced one of the biggest changes from when he was a kid until now. Some celebrities were still good looking as kids, but not Seacrest. He has certainly made up for it; however, being one of the most famous television hosts as the host of the singing competition show American Idol.

5) Catherine Zeta Jones: Actress

Cathrine Zeta Jones - Hot Celebrities Who Were Ugly As Kids
Catherine Zeta-Zones started acting at young age, but her model good looks didn’t come until later in her career. She’s a great example that you don’t have to be gorgeous to start chasing after your dreams.

6) Charlize Theron: Actress

Charlize Theron - Hot Celebrities Who Were Ugly As Kids
Charlize Theron looks more like a book nerd than a model in her high school photo. Theron didn’t fit in while in school, so she switched schools. She fits in now being one of the most beautiful women in the world.

7) Jennifer Lopez: Actress

Jennifer Lopez - Hot Celebrities Who Were Ugly As Kids
Jennifer Lopez is one of the most famous triple threats in the Hollywood industry. She started learning how to sing, dance, and act at the young age of five years old. Before she became face in front of the movie camera, she was a track star competing in several events at the National Level.

8) Angelina Jolie: Actress

Angelina Jolie - Hot Celebrities Who Were Ugly As Kids
Angelina Jolie hit superstar status when she hooked up with actor Brad Pitt. Many people thought she wrecked Brad and Jennifer Aniston’s marriage. She wouldn’t have done it as her younger self, but seemed to have no trouble as a superstar beauty in Hollywood.

9) Keira Knightley: Actress

Keira Knightly - Hot Celebrities Who Were Ugly As Kids
Keira Knightley didn’t let her looks stop her as a young girl. She requested a talent agent at the early age of three years old. She finally got an agent at the age of six. She had her first big role as Sabe in Star Wars: Episode 1: Phantom Menace.

10) Megan Fox: Actress

Megan Fox - Hot Celebrities Who Were Ugly As Kids
Megan Fox wasn’t the prettiest girl when she was younger, but that didn’t last long. By the time she was thirteen, she was winning beauty pageants. She got her first big role in the movie Transformers acting opposite Shila LeBeouf.