Article by Bear Graham Founder of HowToBePopularBlog.com

Constantly, society is bombarded with images of picture perfect celebrities. Yeah, they are picture perfect alright, because they are PHOTOSHOPPED!! That’s right! Photoshopped! The media sets a standard of beauty with celebrities that celebrities can’t even obtain themselves. But Bear, what about those celebrities who look amazing even without being photoshopped? Even they are PHOTOSHOPPED! And if by some miracle they aren’t photoshopped, they are made of plastic. The image of beauty that is used to set the world standard of beauty is misleading, untrue, and the BIGGEST LIE OF HOLLYWOOD!


Taylor Lautner Is A Famous Celebrity  Who Was Photoshopped


The “New Moon” poster with Taylor Lautner is a fraud. Everyone knows that Lautner has a six pack since he has his shirt off practically the entire movie; however, the abs on the poster aren’t his. They are the abs of Brazilian Model Edilson Nascimento. Lautner had his head photoshopped onto Nascimento’s body. I can’t think of bigger insult to Lautner than that. Another example of how important looks are to the media industry.

Adele Is A Famous Celebrity Who Is Photoshopped


Fans of Adele are outraged at how much photoshopping was done by Vogue in Adele’s photo shoot. Adele has always been very vocal about being comfortable with her body image and the person that she is. The changes that were made to her face and body by Vogue have sent a completely contrasting image of Adele. Fans want Adele’s consistent image that they have grown to know and love.

Celebrity Who Is Photoshopped To Look Better


This photo of a photoshopped model has seen its way around the internet. It’s a perfect example of how the media used photoshop to distort societies true image of beauty. Not even the girl being photographed looks like the person the media would like us to believe she looks like. One more reason not to compare yourself to models and celebrities because they don’t even match up.


The following videos give people an insight into just how much photoshop plays a part in giving celebrities that “super model” look. Celebrities magazines are always under constant pressure from activists to stop photoshopping the celebrities because it gives girls an unrealistic perception of beauty. Julia Bluhm is one of the latest to stand up against photoshop. The 14-year-old sent a petition to Seventeen magazine requesting the magazine stop photoshopping their photos. Bluhm was able to get 74,000 signatures for her petition. In an New York Times interview, Bluhm had this to say.

“I’m a teenage girl, and I know how it feels to think you’re not good enough,” says Julia. “I want girls to be able to feel good about themselves, and being able to relate to the images in the magazines we read will help.” Seventeen editors met with Julia earlier this month, and while a spokesperson says they are taking her concerns seriously, they have yet to make any promises regarding their airbrushing practices.

Girl Transformed By Makeup And Photoshop To Look Unrealistic

Celebrities Who Were Photoshop To Look Better

Model Who Was Photoshopped To Look Skinner

Celebrities Look Better After Being Adobe “Fotoshopped”


Celebrities without makeup, we have all seen the magazine issues on new stands. I want to share these photos most of all because the illustrate the point that even celebrities are only human. They too have the same flaws and body image issues that we all do. They just have the help of good lighting and photoshop to help them out. One of the first steps to being popular is being happy with who you are no matter what you look like.

Mila Kunis Is A Celebrity Without Makeup

Mila Kunis: Actress Without Makeup

Kelly Clarkson Is A Celebrity Without Makeup On

Kelly Clarkson: Singer Without Makeup

Pamela Anderson Is A Celebrity Without Makeup

Pamela Anderson: Model Without Makeup

Goldie Hawn Is A Celebrity Without Makeup

Goldie Hawn: Actress Without Makeup


Celebrities have acne! Shocking right?! If all you’ve seen is the magazine covers, you’ve probably asked yourself a time or two, “Do celebrities ever get acne? Their skin always seems so perfect! Once again, I’m happy to share that celebrities have ZITS, pimples, those nasty red dots we all hate to get on our face especially on picture day.

Kim Kardashian Is A Celebrity With Bad Acne

Kim Kardashian: Actress With Bad Acne

Cameron Diaz Is A Celebrity  With Acne

Cameron Diaz: Actress With Bad Acne

Victoria Beckham Is A Celebrity With Acne

Victoria Beckham: Singer With Bad Acne


Why don’t I look like Kim Kardashian, or one of the other hundreds of celebrity faces that we all admire and adore? How does she manage to look like that and I can’t even manage a decent hair day. One of the reasons is she’s fake! She’s not real! She’s had some help. You could look like that too if you had a little work done as well. Now, my goal here is not to slam on Kardashian, even though it’s obvious I did. My goal is to show that it’s unrealistic to compare yourself to beautiful celebrities, who without a little plastic help, don’t even look like themselves.

Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery

Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery

Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery

Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery

Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery History

Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery Estimated Costs

Botox: $400
Fat Grafts: $3,750
Liposuction: $2,800
Buttocks Implants $6,000
Nose Job $4,500
Breast Implants $4,000
Laser Hair Removal $2,450