Article by Bear Graham

Eminem Music Rapper Bullied In School
1) Eminem: Famous Rapper

Know for Self-Titled Ablums and the “8 Mile”

Eminem didn’t always have crowds of fans screaming his name, rapping his lyrics, and emulating his every move. During his school days, Eminem was beaten up so badly that his mother filed charges against the Detroit school system for not protecting her son. The $10,000 lawsuit against the school system was dropped on the grounds of “governmental immunity”. In 1999, Eminem did get back at his attacker DeAngelo Bailey in his song “Brain Damage”. Bailey sued, but the charges were dismissed.

Vanessa Hudgens: Singer, Actress, Model
2) Vanessa Hudgens: Famous Actress
Known for her role as “Gabriella Montez” in the movie series “High School Musical”

Vanessa Hudgens wasn’t always drop dead gorgeous. Going through school she had big frizzy hair and was constantly teased and bullied for it. Hudgens had a girl friend that would call her ‘Frizzhead’. She would grab her hair and pull her to the ground. Hudgens didn’t realize it at the time, but looking back she know sees she was bullied.

Demi Lavato: Singer, Actress, Model was bullied in school
3) Demi Lavato: Famous Singer
Known for the song “Skyscraper” and the movie “Disney’s Camp Rock”

Demi Lavato has experienced a very public display of bullying. The singer was cruelly bullied by classmates at her school leading her to turn to bulimia. Lavato was hospitalized in a Chicago facility for an eating disorder. By the age of 12, the actress had limited herself to only two meals a week. At 15, Lavato had improved to eating one meal a day.

Taylor Swift: Singer, Actress, Model was bullied in school
4) Taylor Swift: Famous Singer
Known for the songs “Tear Drops On My Guitar” and “Tim McGraw”

Taylor Swift didn’t always have people coming out of the wood work to be her friend. In school, Swift was dumped by a group of popular girls that she hung out with for not being cool or pretty enough. They also found her to be weird, because she liked country music. After becoming famous, the same girls became some of her biggest fans. Swift forgave the girls for ignoring her.

Eva Mendes: Actress, Model was bullied in school
5) Eva Mendes: Famous Actress
Known for role as “Sara Harris” in the movie “Training Day”

Eva Mendes wasn’t always the “It” girl that Hollywood knows her as. During her junior high years, Mendes was severely bullied. She feared that having her parents or the school principal get involved would just make things worse. Finally, Mendes had experienced enough torture at the hands of the bully, and she fought back ending the bullying.

Robert Pattinson: Actor, Model was bullied in school
6) Robert Pattinson: Famous Actor
Known for his role as “Edward Cullen” in the movie series “Twilight”

The vampire star Robert Pattinson wasn’t always praised for being an actor. In his school in Britain, Pattinson told sources that he would get beat up for his “actor” like attitude. He claims that he did act like an idiot, but still feels that the bullying was unprovoked.

Mila Kunis: Actress, Model was bullied in school
7) Mila Kunis: Famous Actress
Known for her role as “Jackie Burkhart” in the television series “That 70′s Show”

Mila Kunis didn’t always have movie star good looks. As a child, Kunis would come home crying from school, because the other kids would make fun of her for having such big features. Her eyes were always singled out as being really big.

Carson Daly: Television Host was bullied in school
8) Carson Daly: Famous TV Host
Known for the television series “Last Call With Carson Daly”

Carson Daly wasn’t always the one making the jokes. During school he found himself the butt of the jokes. Kids at school would bully Carson because of his big head and helmet hair. They would refer to him as “Jughead” and “The Human Chewbacca”.

Selena Gomez: Actress, Singer, Model was bullied in school
9) Selena Gomez: Famous Actress
Known for her role as “Alex Russo” in the television series “Wizards of Waverly Place”

Selena Gomez wasn’t able to magically wave away her problems as she does on Wizards of Waverly Place. The child star said she was bullied every second in Elementary and Jr. High school. Gomez was grateful to have her friend, now famous singer, Demi Lavato by her side. Lavato was also bullied as a child.

Miley Cyrus: Actress, Singer, Model
10) Miley Cyrus: Famous Singer/Actress
Known for her role as “Hannah Montana” in the television series “Hannah Montana”

Miley Cyrus wasn’t always adored by thousands of fans. In school she was verbally bullied. In her new book “Miley Cyrus: Miles To Go,” Cyrus revealed, “The girls took it beyond normal bullying. These were big, tough girls. I was scrawny and short. They were fully capable of doing me bodily harm.”

She was even locked in a bathroom by her bullies. She said “The Anti-Miley Club” even challenged her to a fight, which had to be halted by the school principal.

She explained: “Three girls strutted up and stood towering over me. My stomach churned. I clutched my grilled cheese sandwich like it was the hand of my best friend. It pretty much was my best friend those days. I was done for.”

“They started cussing at me and telling me to get up. I sat there, frozen. I didn’t know what to do. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. I stood up, still a foot shorter then they were, and said, ‘What’s your problem? What did I ever do to you?’”

Rebecca Black: Singer was bullied in school
11) Rebecca Black: Famous YouTube Singer
Known for the song “Friday”

Rebecca Black, the YouTube singer that has become a hit sensation with her song “Friday” has received just as much hate as she has love. Black is reported to be home schooled now after constantly being bullied for her song. The bullying even went as far as Black receiving death threats which were turned over to the police.

Megan Fox: Actress, Model was bullied in school
12) Megan Fox: Famous Actress
Known for her role as “Mikaela Banes” in the movie “Transformers”

Not a lot has changed for Megan Fox. The guys still want to date her and the girls still want to hate her. In school, Fox hung out with guys because the girls bullied her for wanting to be an actress. Fox said her many male friends and aggressive personality caused her to be an outcast with girls.

Emma Watson: Actress, Model was bullied in school
13) Emma Watson: Famous Actress
Known for her role as “Hermione Granger” in the movie series “Harry Potter”

Many magazines have said that Harry Potter star Emma Watson was bullied out of Brown University. Rumors spread that whenever the actress would answer a question her fellow classmate would yell out “3 points for Gryffindor”, a phrase shouted anytime her movie character “Hermione Granger” got a question right. The claims of bullying have been denied by Watson.

Sandra Bullock: Actress, Model was bullied in school
14) Sandra Bullock: Famous Actress
Known for the movies “While You Were Sleeping” and “Two Weeks Notice”

Sandra Bullock is fluent in English and German, but wasn’t always fluent in fashion. The Hollywood actress would travel back and forth to Europe with her Opera singing mother Helga. When she got back to her home in Virginia, she would be wearing frumpy european clothes which were often made fun of by her American classmates. She was even beat up because of it. Bullock claims she can remember the names of every person that ever bullied her.

Tom Cruise: Actor, Model was bullied in school
15) Tom Cruise: Famous Actor
Known for the movie series “Mission Impossible” and the movie “Top Gun”

Even before becoming “Ethan Hunt” in the movie series “Mission Impossible”, Tom Cruise has been accustomed to people trying to beat him up. As one of the smaller kids in school, Cruise was always being picked on by bullies. Even after moving 15 times because of his father trying to find work, the bullies always seemed to find him. He quickly learned to fight back in order to stop the bullying.

Howard Stern: Radio Host was bullied in school
16) Howard Stern: Famous Radio Host/Talent Judge
Known for his self-titled radio show and as a judge on “America’s Got Talent”

Howard Stern hasn’t always been a bully. As a young kid he was the one being bullied. Stern grew up in largely black neighborhood and became accustomed to the black culture. When his parents moved to a largely white neighborhood, Stern had a hard time fitting in. According to Stern, his overprotective mother caused him to be the target of many beatings by Johnny a fat neighborhood bully.

Prince Harry: Prince of England bullied in school
17) Prince Harry Windsor: Famous Prince
Known for being the Prince of England

Prince Harry Windsor has always been a standout member of the Royal Family because of his bright red hair. In 2007, he revealed that he had been bullied in school for having his red hair. Even in the military, the jokes about his red hair did not cease.

Michael Phelps: The Greatest Olympian was bullied in school
18) Michael Phelps: Famous Olympian
Known for winning 8 Gold Medals in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games in swimming

Michael Phelps won the hearts and praise of the world after winning 8 olympic gold medals in 2008 Beijing Olympics. Phelps hasn’t also received positive attention; however, throughout his the swimmer would often get bullied for his ears which poked out, his lanky body, and lisp.

Chris Rock: Actor, Comedian was bullied in school
19) Chris Rock: Famous Comedian
Known for his stand up comedy and the movie series “Disney’s Madagascar”

Chris Rock is known for his ability to lighten the mood with his comedic spirit. Rock was even able take something as serious as him being bullied as kid and get a few laughs. Rock created “Everybody Hates Chris” a television show, which premiered on the CW, based on the struggles Rock faced being a black kid growing up in a mostly white neighborhood.

Christina Aguilera: Singer, Actress, Model was bullied in school
20) Christina Aguilera: Famous Singer
Known for the song “I’m A genie In A Bottle” and her role on the “Mickey Mouse Club”

Christina Aguilera may be a genie in a bottle, but as much as she tried she couldn’t wish away her school bullies. After being discovered on the television show “Star Search” as a singer. A group of bullies would go to her singing events, try to sabotage her performances, and slash her mother’s car tires. The bullying got so bad, Aguilera began having nightmares and had to seek therapy.

Pierce Brosnan: Actor will be bullied in school
21) Pierce Brosnan: Famous Actor
Known for his role as “James Bond” in the movie series “James Bond: 007″

Pierce Brosnan wasn’t always the suave and dashing James Bond character the public has grown accustomed to him being. As a child, he moved from Ireland to London. In London, Brosnan stuck out like a sore thumb because of his Irish accent. The kids would constantly tease him and jab him in the ribs. His classmates nicknamed him “Irish”.

Bill Clinton: 42nd President of the United States was bullied in school
22) Bill Clinton: 42nd U.S. President
Known for being the 42nd President of the United States of America

Bill Clinton hasn’t always had the luxury of a personal chef to cook him nutritious meals. In school, Clinton was known as the fat kid. His love of fast food led to him having a quadruple bypass in 2004. Clinton recalls being the fat band boy who got punched by a 6 foot 6 kid right in the face. Despite the impact of the punch, he was able to withstand the punch and the bullying that came after.

Tiger Woods: Athlete was bullied in school
23) Tiger Woods: Famous Golfer
Known for being the winningest Golfer of All-Time

Whenever the world talks about golf, Tiger Woods is always part of the conversation. The golf champion hasn’t always had life easy; however, as a child in 1981, on his first day of school, Tiger Woods was tied to a tree and bullied by older school kids taunting him with racial slurs. Woods also struggled with a stuttering problem.

Kate Winslet: Actress will be bullied in school
24) Kate Winslet: Famous Actress
Known for her role as “Rose DeWitt Bukater” in the movie “Titanic”

Kate Winslet was bullied about her weight in school. If she had been in school when they she filmed the movie “Titanic”, the kids would have made comments like “It doesn’t matter if the boat sinks, Kate will survive because she’ll float she’s so fat.” Luckily for her, that wasn’t the case. Winslet has always battled her weight, but in school it was especially bad. The kids would call her “blubber” and say things like “Ah it’s such a shame, because you have such a pretty face.”

Kristen Stewart: Actor, Model was bullied in school
25) Kristen Stewart: Famous Actress
Known for her role as “Bella Swan” in the movie series “Twilight”

Kristen Stewart has never been one to worry about being fashionable. In school, the kids bullied her in gym for not shaving her legs and for wearing her brother’s boy clothes. She didn’t care about being fashionable, but she did mind the constant bullying. When the movie “Twilight” came out she was caught smoking a pipe on her front porch with her boyfriend. The “she’s a druggie” comments haven’t stopped since.

Winona Ryder: Actress, Model was bullied in school
26) Winona Ryder: Famous Actress
Known for the movies “BeetleJuice” and “Little Women”

Winona Ryder has had her trials as a movie star, but things weren’t any easier as a child. Ryder looked like a boy in middle school and was beat up for it. One instance she recalls wearing an old Salvation Army shop boy suit for her newspaper delivery job. She claims when she went to use the bathroom, she heard people saying ‘Hey Faggot’. They slammed her head against a locker. After she fell to the ground, they proceeded to kick her. Later in life, one of the bullies asked her for her autograph, she told them to take a hike using some expletives.

Christian Bale: Actor, Model was bullied in school
27) Christian Bale: Famous Actor
Known for his role as “Batman” in the movie series “Batman”

Christian Bale was bullied after his success with the Steven Spielberg movie “Empire of the Sun”. In school, Bale became quite popular with the girls causing him to be envied by the boys. The new found bullying put-off Bale at the idea of acting. Lucky for his fans, his bullies didn’t get the best of him.”

Lady Gaga: Singer was bullied in school
28) Lady Gaga: Famous Singer
Known for the songs “Just Dance” and “Poker Face”

Lady Gaga took the world by storm with her hit song “Just Dance”, but the storms haven’t always been in her favor. The singing superstar told reporters that in school she was thrown into a trash can. As well as being called humiliating and profane names in front of large group of people. Lady Gaga has since started a foundation to help kids who are bullied.

Tom Felton: Actor was bullied in school
29) Tom Felton: Famous Actor
Known for his role as “Draco Malfoy” in the movie series “Harry Potter”

Tom Felton is known to most as the boy who bullied Harry Potter, but off the set Felton was the one getting bullied. After taking on the role as “Draco Malfoy”, Harry Potter’s school bully, the kids would relentlessly bully Felton. He tried to remind people that in school the Harry Potter series wasn’t deemed as “cool” by his peers and therefore he was bullied.

Jessica Alba: Actress, Model was bullied in school
30) Jessica Alba: Famous Actress
Known for the movie “Paranoia” and the television series “The Dark Angel”

Jessica Alba is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, but it was just the opposite growing up in school. She was the odd ball. She had buck teeth and a thick texan accent. The bullying got so bad that she would have to be escorted into school by her father to avoid any attacks. At lunchtime, she would eat lunch with the nurses to avoid persecution from her peers.

Michelle Trachtenberg: Actress was bullied in school
31) Michelle Trachtenberg: Famous Actress
Known for the television series “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” and “Gossip Girl”

Michelle Trachtenberg has had several supporting roles throughout her career as the bad girl, but in school she had the starring role of the girl being bullied. Trachtenberg was continually bullied in school. At one point a girl shoved her down the stairs, punched her in the face, and fractured her nose. She then accused Trachtenberg of using the b-word getting Trachtenberg sent to detention.

Chris Colfer: Singer, Actor was bullied in school
32) Chris Colfer: Famous Singer/Actor
Known for his role as “Kurt Hummel” on the television series “Glee”

Chris Colfer isn’t foreign to people calling him gay. In school, Colfer remembers someone yelling “fag” at him . Being witty, Colfer yelled back “Yeah, but can you spell it.” Everybody laughed at the other kid. Because of the bullying, Colfer got to be quite witty with comebacks.

Rosario Dawson: Actress was bullied in school
33) Rosario Dawson: Famous Actress
Known for her role as “Laura Vasquez” in the movie “Men In Black II”

Rosario Dawson has a beautiful figure now but that wasn’t always the case in school. She was a late bloomer and the girls at school would bully her because of it. Rosario was flat chested for much of school as well as a tom boy.

Chad Michael Murray: Actor was bullied in school
34) Chad Michael Murray: Famous Actor
Known for his role as “Lucas Scott” on the television series “One Tree Hill”

Chad Michael Murray was one of the most popular kids on the tv series “One Tree Hill”, but in real life Murray was bullied all through school. In kindergarten Murray had two front teeth punched out by a sixth grader. Things didn’t get much better throughout the years. He liked the educational part of high school, but as for friends, he didn’t have any.

Chester Bennington: Singer was bullied in school
35) Chester Bennington: Famous Singer
Known for being the lead vocalist of the band “Linkin Park”

Chester Bennington didn’t have a great childhood. Bennington’s parents divorced when he was eleven. He turned to drugs to cope. In school, he was constantly thrown around and beaten like a rag doll for being skinny and physically awkward.

Rose McGowan: Actress was bullied in school
36) Rose McGowan: Famous Actress
Known for her role as “Paige Matthews” in the television series “Charmed”

Rose McGowan had an interesting life growing up. She was abandoned by her parents and taken in by two drag queens. They helped her get through life with a lot of love. McGowan was often bullied in school for wearing unique and flashy clothes.

Tyra Banks: Actress, Model was bullied in school
37) Tyra Banks: Famous Super Model/TV Host
Known for the shows “America’s Next Top Model” and “The Tyra Banks Show”

Tyra Banks is a super model now, but in school she was just tall and awkward looking. She was 5’9″, super skinny, and had a big forehead. In school, she had a crush on Antonio Epps, but he made her cry by telling her that ‘I do not want that tall, skinny, braces mouth, big forehead girl anywhere near me.’ Later in life, Banks showed up at a club Epps was a bouncer at. After he saw her, he was singing a different tune about her looks.

Kristin Kruek: Actress, Model was bullied in school
38) Kristin Kreuk: Famous Actress
Known for her role as “Lana Lang” on the television series “Smallville”

Kristin Kruek is one of Hollywood’s dream girls, but that wasn’t always the case in school. Through school, the Smallville star was teased about her looks and ethnicity. She even remembers being made fun of for the clothes she wore.

Brian McFadden: Singer was bullied in school
39) Brian McFadden: Famous Singer
Known for the boy band “WestLife” and as a judge on “Australia’s Got Talent”

Brian McFadden is adored my many because of his singing abilities, but in school he was bullied for them. He claims he was bullied for singing in bands. Kids also bullied him because of his weight. To defend himself against the endless bullying, McFadden would use quick witty comebacks.

Rihanna: Singer, Actor, Model was bullied in school
40) Rihanna: Famous Singer
Known for the songs “Umbrella” and “Take A Bow”

Rihanna has become one of the most successful singers of all-time. With soft skin and a beautiful complexion, she has become a symbol of beauty in the American culture, but in school she was bullied for being “White”.

Victoria Beckham: Actress, Model was bullied in school
41) Victoria Beckham: Famous Actress
Known for her role as “Posh Spice” in the movie “The Spice Girls” and her marriage to “David Beckham”

Victoria Beckham is part of one of the powerhouse couples in Hollywood with her marriage to David Beckham. Beckham has always been a fighter, but hasn’t always been popular. She thinks back on her school days as terrible times. She was picked on by kids for looking different. She had a gap in her two front teeth big enough for a pea to fit through. Students would push her around, throw things at her, and threaten to beat her up.

Brittany Snow: Actress was bullied in school
42) Brittany Snow: Famous Actress
Known for the movies “John Tucker Must Die” and “Prom Night”

Many people find it surprising that someone as beautiful and talented as Brittany Snow was ever bullied in school, but it’s true. Snow was bullied on a daily basis by a girl at her school. This girl would write a note each day telling Snow how she should kill herself. She would also write mean dances about her on fliers that she would throw throughout the lunchroom. Her bully would also hit and throw things at her. The bullying affected her physical and mental health. Snow has battled issues with depression, anorexia, and cutting herself.

Fred Durst: Singer was bullied in school
43) Fred Durst: Famous Singer
Known for being the vocalist of the band “Limp Bizkit”

Fred Durst certainly doesn’t come across as someone that was beat up on at school, but back in the day the lead singer was the underdog. He was getting beat up all the time. Bullying was actually the reason that Limp Bizkit broke up because their music was fueling the bullies that were picking on the underdogs. Relating with the underdog, Durst felt he needed to put a stop to the music.

Jessica Simpson: Singer, Actress, Model was bullied in school
44) Jessica Simpson: Famous Singer
Known for the songs “I Wanna Love You Forever” and “Irresistible”

Unlike many celebrities, Jessica Simpson was popular in school, but that didn’t stop her from still being victimize by bullies. Her bullies were the mean girl group. They would egg her house, and write profane curse words on the sidewalk in front of her home. The bullying got so bad that she decided to quit cheerleading. Simpson is thankful; however, to have gone through the trials, because they have prepared for the scrutiny that she goes through now.

Taylor Lautner: Actor, Model was bullied in school
45) Taylor Lautner: Famous Actor
Known for his role as “Jacob Black” in the movie series “Twilight”

Taylor Lautner has been featured on Men’s Health Magazine and People Magazine for having out of this world rock hard abs, so it may be hard to picture Lautner getting bullied at school but that is exactly what happened. Lautner had always wanted to be an actor. He acted all through school, but the acting came with ridicule from his peers.

Clay Aiken: Singer was bullied in school
46) Clay Aiken: Famous Singer
Known for being the runner-up on the television series “American Idol”

Ever since Clay Aiken won runner-up on American Idol, he has been criticized for being gay. Aiken told reporters; however, that the gay bullying started way before American Idol. He was bullied all through school being called gay and fag. Aiken has been working with congress to pass laws requiring teachers to address the issue of gay bullying.

Justin Timberlake: Singer, Actor, Model was bullied in school
47) Justin Timberlake: Famous Singer
Known for being the vocalist of the boy band “Nsync”

Justin Timberlake has been known for dating beauties like Britney Spears, Cameron Diaz, and Jessica Biel, but Timberlake wasn’t always popular with the ladies. Timberlake was made of fun of in school for his bad acne and weird hair. He found himself a social outcast where he grew up because he preferred music to football.

Kate Middleton: Wife of Prince Henry of England
48) Kate Middleton: Famous Royalty
Known for being the wife of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge

Kate Middleton is one of the most looked-up to women in the world. The Duchess didn’t always have this many admirers; however, from an interview by one of Middleton’s boarding school friends, she says Middleton had a hard time fitting in at the Downes House Girls school. The mean girls would put feces in her bed. Many nights she would be lonely and in tears.

Daniel Radcliffe: Actor, Model was bullied in school
49) Daniel Radcliffe: Famous Actor
Known for his role as “Harry Potter” in the movie series “Harry Potter”

Daniel Radcliffe was the most popular kid at Hogwarts, but at his real life school he was bullied. The child star had a hard time making friends with his envious classmates. Many of the kids verbally harassed him for being the famous character “Harry Potter”. Radcliffe was outspoken about the bullying in hopes of bringing more attention to the bullying problem that is now becoming ever increasingly more evident in schools around the world.

Jillian Michaels: Personal Trainer was bullied in school
50) Jillian Michaels: Famous Trainer
Known for her role as a trainer on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser”

Jillian Michaels is best known for being the tough love trainer of NBC’s “The Biggest Loser”. Some may say that she doesn’t know what she’s putting her contests through, but she knows more about being fat than they could have ever imagined. While in school, she was bullied for being overweight. Even though she’s in excellent shape now, she still feels like the fat kid inside.